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7 Ways To Multi-Market Yourself To Success Online
December 02, 2009 01:41 PM PST
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How to market a product? How to market and promote a website? How to market a business? Do a search today and you’ll discover these are some of the leading questions for any entrepreneur or small business.

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The basic principles for anyone desiring to market online are very similar, no matter what the industry or market may be. It’s about taking some techniques and strategies, then being consistent with implementing them.

It took me a minute… Well a few years before getting everything to gel. People ask me often how to reach number one Google or how to get found on the search engines. The answer is multi-marketing. What’s multi-marketing? It’s all about hitting every nook and cranny on the internet in order to build a strong and viable presence in order for your target audience to find you. Now, once they find you, then it’s time for them to know, like, and trust you.

Right now, the challenge for many is being found among the millions and millions of websites present. So with multi-marketing, which is something that came to me, you have to market yourself, your product and your service consistently with the top vehicles online, such as, video, audio, and articles.

Here Are Seven Ways To Multi-Market Yourself To Success Online:

1. Video – Creating a video regularly and posting them to places like YouTube will help build your brand awareness.

2. Articles – Writing articles is a great power source because it offers a vehicle for others to share your work, which helps build your authority status.

3. Podcast – Some people just want to learn on the go and being able to download audio will drive up your expert status

4. Social Bookmarking – This is one strategy to implement today because it places your content onto high authority sites, which helps with your page ranking. {What Is Social Bookmarking?}

5. Social Networks – It’s about being part of those networks where there’s a high ROI (return on investment) for your time. One of the highest ROI social networks for me is LinkedIn.  {Can LinkedIn Work With Driving Traffic?}

6. Blogging – Is a powerful platform that can increase your online presence with ease. The search engines love them. {Blogging For Dummies Easy Tips}

7. Commenting – You would be amazed what commenting can do for you. Comments must be of value and help others. Find blogs and forums, then just be helpful.

These are a few of the strategies I’ve tested, implemented and have achieved positive results with. Allow me to give you a disclaimer… These must be done on a regular bases. The reigning champion must workout regularly to stay ahead of his competition.

About The Author,

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One Powerful Strategy on How to Market Yourself
October 28, 2009 04:27 PM PDT
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Have you been wondering how to market yourself? How about how to market a business? I discovered there’s a way to help market yourself that many people seem to overlook.

Just the other week I wrote the article titled “Can Customer Feedback Increase Your Sales?“ The article discusses how to use customer testimonials to help with your sales. But what can giving a testimonial do for you?

We all desire help with our marketing efforts and some portions of it requires an investment. Then there are ways that are cost effective. I learned that my giving genuine testimonials can help brand and market me with zero out of pocket expense.

The goal with marketing is to reach your target audience and/or market over and over again while receiving a high ROI (return on investment). How can you achieve this goal without ever having to
pay for it?

Well earlier this year I decided to give a testimonial on a program that’s offered by someone I’ve
been learning from since 2005. With my taking 10 to 15 minutes to share my true feelings about
MRMI Basic Training, they placed my photo on the front page.

This opportunity has allowed me to be contacted by someone whom I’ve admire because they saw
me on this website. Now, Stephen Pierce is an authority in what he does, so being on a website of
someone who is really respected makes it great.

Just this past September I offered feedback to an article I read in the Entrepreneur Magazine on
Russell Simmons. Again, taking about 15 minutes to express what inspired me the most about the
article has allowed my letter to the editor to printed in the November issue of Entrepreneur Magazine.

It’s really easy to get started with putting your name, brand, and face out there by providing testimonials.

Here are few steps:
1. Recognize what products or services you’ve found of value.

2. Ask yourself: “Have I told everyone about it?” and “Have I shared by joy with the business?”

3. Sit down and write a brief email on what you like best about the product and/or service.

4. Most importantly be genuine.

Remember this, your company and name is behind this testimonial, so be sure to stand firm on it. This
is something you can implement right now. Don’t you agree?

About The Author

And to help you with writing a quality testimonial, C.F. Jackson invites you to check out Website
Makeover Mentoring by the Minute (http://ww.MentoringByTheMinute.com), where your online questions are answered. The topics range from how to market a book online to I need web traffic.

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Is Your Book Cover a Hit or Miss With Readers?
October 20, 2009 01:18 PM PDT
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So your manuscript is sold and you have sent it to a publisher for touch-up. What is missing? Ah…it’s a cover for your new glorious text. Well…what’s the big deal I can let my publishers take care of that aspect right? Not so fast. You’re the author. Therefore, you have the granted power to make authorial decisions. Do not leave it strictly in the publisher’s hands.

What lures most potential customers to buy a book? Is it the content? Sometimes it may be the content. After all, myself I like to read the synopsis of the book before making my purchase decision. But ultimately it is the book cover right? Much like the old adage “you eat with your eyes” the same is true for books. Something with visual appeal regardless of the content is much more likely to be sold over a drab cover.

However, you may have that colorful eye-catcher in mind but does it fit with the story? I cannot tell you how many times I’ve run across texts that have a cover which is may consist of vivid imagination and then the story’s plot may be that of a funeral or disease. By this point I am thinking “Whoa there. If that wasn’t even planned well, how will the book read?”

This is perhaps the most over-looked marketing technique when it comes to marketing your book. And the fact is, publishers like when you can incorporate your own idea or even your own design because that’s less work for them to do. If you know a graphic designer or what’s more are one; perfect! You are now on your way to making that book jump off the shelf or off the web page a little quicker!

About The Author

And to help you with increasing your book sales and online presence, C.F. Jackson invites you turn your bland book cover into attention grabbing 3D book image by taking advantage of her services Book Marketing With 3D Book Cover Images, Today!

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Can Customer Feedback Increase Your Sales?
October 14, 2009 11:01 PM PDT
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What are your customers saying about your products or services? Are you sharing your customer testimonials with your future customers and clients?

Can Customer Feedback Increase Your Sales

Today, we are caught in the web of more complaints and more negative opinions. With the social networking world and Web 2.0,negativity and complaints are spreading like a wildfire.

Like with most decisions we make, we want to know what others have experienced when it comes to a book, a restaurant, a vacation destination and so on.

Now the key is this when it comes to presenting your testimonials: Present them uniquely and live.

What do I mean?

Anyone can take text and place it onto their website. But how about taking it to another level by having your happy customers record a video or audio for you?

When I finally got the message I created video reviews from my readers. Visit my site to see for yourself at www.CFJackson.com. I allowed my avid read to
express what they liked about my novel Won’t Be Denied. You can see and hear their enthusiasm about the novel and the storyline. Someone expressing their experience can do a lot more than text.

The challenge for you today is step outside your box and start enlisting the help of your happy clients and customers with a LIVE testimonial. Your perspective
customer will find them to be the deciding factor to buy or not to buy.

What’s your goal? To get them to buy.

About The Author,

And to help you with getting started online right, C. F. Jackson invites you to check out Website Makeover Mentoring by the Minute, where your online questions are answered. The topics range from how to market a book online to I need web traffic. www.MentoringByTheMinute.com

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11 Ways You’re Shooting Yourself and Your Business in the Foot
September 29, 2009 07:01 AM PDT
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I’ve been online since 1993 when it was still in the DOS stage of life, but as it grew, I of course allowed my knowledge to grow. Going from pleasure to business was a complete mind shift for me back in 2001.

However, if I’d allowed the below 15 ways to shooting yourself and your business in the foot to kill or even stagnate my growth you wouldn’t be reading this today.

Over the years I’ve heard the battle cries and struggles of many people: online or face-to-face. And what I’ve collected are common denominators to the lack of success: business or personal.

I have struggled with many of these self-afflicting symptoms. I recognize a lot of them daily within my day-to-day travels.

Today, I’m sharing with you symptoms that are harming to many entrepreneurs, authors and small business.

1. Free Mindset – Are individuals who look and expect for everything to be free. I’ve seen it where people refuse to invest $10 for a domain name. Even that is too much to ask.

Often he/she will constantly seek out the only the cheapest and free methods as they drive up the ladder toward success.

2. Constant Complainers – Are individuals who spend their time finding fault and disliking everything under the sun. Ask them to do it better, they wouldn’t know how.

3. The Non-Reader – The reason these individuals fail achieve the results or answers they’re looking for is due to their inability to slow down and read.

Reading is fundamental!

4. Do It My Way – Are individuals who want everything delivered in the exact way they would do it. More often than none, they’ll miss out on one time opportunities.

It’s an unwillingness to open one’s self to new a way to receive information.

5. Overly Skeptical – No matter how much they’re struggling with, let’s say web traffic, this individual will talk themselves out of investing 50 dollars to achieve results.

I myself understand the fear of being burnt because I have invested thousands into a program that didn’t deliver what it promised.

6. Not The Right Answer – Are individuals who will suck up the time and knowledge of another person to get an answer to their dilemma, but the answer entails for “too” much work, then for them it wasn’t the right answer.

7. Quick, Fast, & Hurry – Are individuals who always want results yesterday without the leg work or the building of the foundation.

How do I get web traffic? I need to sell XYZ amount of books in three months.

8. Cornered – Are individuals who will remain in the corner, rather than branching out in order to increase their skills and their network.

9. I Can’t – Are individuals who allow the phrase ‘I can’t” dictate their abilities online or offline. They have the capillarity to do a lot more once they take away the belief of “I can’t”.

The word can’t shuts down one’s ability to move.

10. Network – No matter how many contacts, Twitter followers or Facebook friends one may have, it doesn’t compare to having a network of colleagues one can connect with locally.

It took a minute for me to step outside of myself. I have a mastermind group that has helped me immensely. You can find one in your area on MeetUp.com

11. Look At Me – Are individuals with social networking ratio of 90% look at me and 10% of by the way here’s something I found.

People are turned off to constant self-pointing. The way people will notice people when they offer solutions. When it comes to commanding attention is when individuals bring value into each place they enter into… online or offline.

There are others that weren’t mentioned above and some you already know about yourself. If there’s ever a time to put the gun away and place a bandage on your wounds to start the healing process, then that time is now.

Make a commitment to yourself, then to your business to change one thing a month that you’ve been shooting youself in your foot with. Now, if it’s a bunion keep on shooting. I’m joking!

Seriously, take time to reflect on what’s been debilitating your growth and your ability to reach higher levels in life: personal or business. Once you’ve identify them: Face it, Trace it, then Erase it.

About The Author

And to help you from increasing your web traffic to finding your target audience, C.F. Jackson invites you to join the 120 Day Challenge… Achieving online success in 120 days. To participate is simple… Just got to http://www.VirtualTutorialCenter.com – Create your account and you’re ready to go!

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How To Create An Internet Presence In 10 Minutes
September 26, 2009 02:28 PM PDT
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When I started out on the internet in the late 90’s it wasn’t as easy as it is today to get online and have a presence quickly.

How To Create Internet Presence In 10 Minutes

There were ways to create websites, but without knowledge of HTML or the desire to learn about web design it was a challenge.Most people invested large amounts of money
to have their websites designed.

Today any and everyone can create a web presence online overnight. Yes! You can have a web presence overnight. However the key is this, doing it right.

I was online in the 2003, but it wasn’t right. The same struggles many are having today, I didn’t know the key and pivotal elements to getting started online right.

How can one do it right?

1., Blog – Getting a blog is one of the fastest and cost effective ways to getting online today.

Blogs are easy to update, which means there’s no need for a webmaster to make small and minute changes.

The cost is either free, small base fee or you can host it yourself. It all depends your skill level.

One thing, they are built to help you get started right. Search engines love blogs because they fuel their engine with content.

2., Keywords – These are the keys your audience use in order to find you online. I didn’t provide my target audience with a set of keys.

Let’s say you have a blog or a website and you’re not getting the results you want. It’s possibility you haven’t defined your keywords.

This is where a lot of people go wrong online. This is where I struggled. Without keywords and keyword phrases your website or your blog will forever be lost in the abyss.

These are two strategies I use to capture my target audience, to drive traffic, and build my business. You can learn all seven key steps when you join me Thursday evening as I present an online workshop titled 7 Key Steps On How To Get Started RIGHT As An Author Online OVERNIGHT.,

In this workshop you’ll discover…,
- Key Elements to a Domain Name,
- Internet Presence In 10 Minutes,
- How to Increase Book Sales,
- How to Systematize Online Process,
- Powerful Customer Getting Methods,
- and a lot more,

Date: Thursday, September 24, 2009,

Time: 8:30 PM – 9:30 PM EST,

Where: Online,

Register Now
http://budurl.com/7StepsWeb ,

About The Author,

And to help you with getting started online right, C, F, Jackson invites you to check out Website Makeover Mentoring by the Minute, where your online questions are answered. The topics range from how to market a book online to I need web traffic. Go to... http://www.MentoringByTheMinute.com

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GetLinkedOut.com Launches an Eight Step System to Teach You How to Grow Your Web Traffic with LinkedIn
September 22, 2009 05:05 PM PDT
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The first how-to system from Organized Thoughts Publishing, announced today the launch of a new training offering for web owners: Get LinkedOut: Massive Traffic In 8 Easy Steps Using LinkedIn. The launch came on the heels of successful web traffic results with popular social network LinkedIn for six months straight.

“Even before the testing period ended, we had recognized the simplistic and practical system for traffic generation and on how to get targeted traffic on one social network site is something anyone can implement,” said C.F. Jackson, CEO of Organized Thoughts Publishing. “We all have experienced and know how it can be stressful to determine where to begin engaging for web traffic outside of the standard strategies: Google AdWords or Pay-Per-Click campaigns. Our eight step system will help entrepreneurs, small businesses and home based businesses supercharge their online results with a simple system that no matter of your knowledge base of social media, you’ll have access to the top time-saving tools and the blueprint for an easy process to increasing web traffic.”

“LinkedIn is booming according to ComScore, with unique visitors up over 22% in January (2009) to over 7.7 million uniques in just the US, not to mention that time spent on the website actually doubled.” Many have failed to recognize the powerhouse of business networking, LinkedIn.

However, Organized Thoughts Publishing recognized and leveraged LinkedIn authority to grow its online traffic. Get LinkedOut will guide online business owners and entrepreneurs through a simple strategy that will not only increase their web traffic, but it will expand their brand awareness, authority level and expert status. In essence, you will leverage the power of LinkedIn to grow your business during an economic time where it is all about growth.

To learn more about Get LinkedOut as a traffic generation solution please visit http://www.GetLinkedOut.com.
Also take advantage of the bonuses worth just over $345 that’s being given away.

Website Makeover Workshop, a subsidiary of Organized Thoughts Publishing, delivers assistance to those with book marketing and internet marketing struggles: may it be with learning how to market a book to traffic generation strategies.

How to Write a Book in 3 Simple Steps
September 21, 2009 03:26 PM PDT
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Does initially writing a book seem like a daunting task? Rest-assured it often is, but don’t let the mere thought of it stop you. Rest-assured a book is going to consist of your informational insight, a wild imagination or your real-life experiences. Those are the core subject matter and the genres are simply sub-categories of what you write. So do you have your plan written yet?

What?! Well…start it! A book is a product just like anything else and you need to have a plan of action of how to proceed after the book enters the marketplace. This will be your blueprint to success and potential maximum profits should you market correctly. (I will cover how to in depth at a later date).

You must now identify your target audience. Here are three simple ways to do this:


Identify your genre. If you are writing a how-to this is probably meant to solve a problem. For whom? If you are writing a fictional piece what is the sub-genre. Perhaps it is fantasy. Then you’ll know to market to those who may like science-fiction or a similar product.

What is the age? Obviously by your writing style, you are meant to target a mature or a younger audience. This should be identifiable once you begin brainstorming your material.

By this point, you have already started to look out for publishers. Which ones entice you and why? They most likely entice you based on the reasoning of their fees, whether they are open to seasoned or new writers and who they market to.

Simply by doing this, you have taken away a lot of stress because you can now focus your energy specifically on a target and fulfill their needs and wants.

Make certain not to cram too much into one book (especially if it is a how-to). Your audience will be much more appreciative if your well-thought plan is covered in two or three texts instead of forced into one read.

Initially, select two nights a week to write and adhere to that schedule. Pick a certain time like 6-9 pm on a Tuesday and head somewhere with the least amount of distraction. Perhaps you can find a secluded corner in the library and focus entirely on the writing. If you feel tired, take a break and don’t force it. I find the best reads are those where the author narrates and tells the story with a natural feel.

So just let it happen. By doing some research and putting effort into it but not scaring yourself out of the commitment, you’ll be fine and be very successful in your new endeavor as an author.

About The Author

And to help you with writing your book: fiction or non-fiction, C.F. Jackson invites you to check out
Break The Code: Write Your Own eBook in 5 Days. Do you need a proven system that’s practical and applicable? Then you must order your copy today.

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